Professional Hair Stylists Wanted in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Professional Hair Stylists Wanted: Tired of the same old?The Future of Hair is here. Say goodbye to standard hydrogen peroxide. Forever. Say Hello to the new Vida of New Orleans stabilized developers and processing system. Live clean and step up to a new reality in hair care. Process your color in 10 - 12 minutes with less chemical exposure or added chemical accelerators. Perm, bleach, hi-lite and color in one appointment with no damage. All products are chelated, cold-processed and 100% water soluble. Work better and faster in a Clean Salon? environment. Try Vida of New Orleans Active Chelation System today! Your Clients will benefit from: Quicker appointments Safe Services No Standard Hydrogen Peroxide Stronger, Healthier hair and scalp No damage from chemical services Clean Salon, Clean Products, Clean Services Unique retail VISIT Find us on facebook. 1.888.978.2411

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Category:  General  |  Address:  Saskatoon Saskatchewan

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